Long Horn Kate

Long Horn Kate

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1. Changing of Search Marketing - Industries change, the world changes, and search marketing is brand new. I didn’t study search marketing in school. Not because I didn’t want to, it wasn’t an option! The one marketing class that mentioned internet marketing … I taught that one day. One day. By request of the professor because I was working in the industry. Times will change, and I want to have something to differentiate myself. I spend time learning, socializing, testing, and networking just like everyone else. But I am also dedicated to doing this. Something that has the potential to set me apart in the future.

2. Goals - I’ve always been goal oriented, and this is one of my goals. It happened that my life is open to completing this goal right now. I have the means and time to get my MBA. No kids, no spouse, and “extra” income to where I don’t need to take out loans. The time was right.

3. Teaching the Next Generation - Remember the comment before that I couldn’t learn about search marketing in school? I want to change that. But in the US you can’t teach at the college level until you at least have your master’s degree. I have thought about teaching as a profession before, so this would aid that if I choose that path in the future. It’s something I think would benefit the economy as a whole. I also know that the best teachers are those performing and have past experience in the subject. Lining those dominoes up now.

So will it bring me fortunes in search marketing now? Nope. Does it make me better than anyone else? Oh hell no.

When I get done, I will have the same knowledge I did the day before, and some that people learn in the School of Life. But what I am learning now will aid in making strategic business decisions in the companies I work with. Understanding business as a whole, seeing the bigger picture, is not something everyone does. We all have different talents, and that seems to be one of mine.

So I hope that answers some people’s question. I even think I might have found a topic for my thesis. In the program I am in, you can do a thesis or not. I chose that because I want to focus my MBA on what I do, not just some random electives just to get the degree. I’ll explain more as I delve into the subject, but for now things seem to be nicely on track.